As our pool is now open (finally!!) for business, here are a few helpful reminders to be aware of moving forward. In addition to the reminders mentioned here, we would encourage you thoroughly read and discuss all of the Stillwater Pool Rules with your household. Opening this pool has been a monumental undertaking and we would hate to see our swim season cut any short due to abuse or negligence on the part of users. That said, we hope you enjoy the pool ? what a great addition to our neighborhood! Enjoy!

Help! I Can?t Get In!!
You cannot use the pool and your access to the clubhouse area will be denied until a representative from your household has signed the legal release form and turned in a signed physical copy to the HOA. REMEMBER! THIS IS A SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK POOL THERE ARE NO LIFEGAURDS ON DUTY.

Are My Kids Old Enough To Go to the Pool On Their Own?
Stillwater residents who are fifteen or older do not have to be accompanied by an adult. Residents who are under the age of fifteen must be accompanied by someone over the age of eighteen.

What About Guests? Can I Bring Them?
Guests are free to enjoy our pool from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM every day. The number of guests is limited to four per residence. All guests, regardless of age, MUST be accompanied by a Stillwater resident over the age of twenty-one. Please respect this rule and be courteous to others. If the pool area is full of swimmers and you and your guests have been there for some time, maybe it would be a good time to pull out the old slip and slide on the front lawn and let others enjoy the newest feature of our neighborhood!

What Are the Pool Hours?
5:00 AM ? 10:00 AM is lap swim time (residents only), 10:00 AM ? 2:00 PM is Open Swim (residents only), 2:00 PM ? 9:00 PM is Open Swim (residents and invited guests only), 9:00 PM ? 11:00 PM is Quiet Swim (adult residents of Stillwater only). ALL POOL HOURS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED

What About the Hot Tub? What?s Up With That Fence?
The Hot Tub will be finished in the near future. Until that time, please do not climb on the cover. Please be careful around this area as it is, and will continue to be, an active work zone for the pool contractor.

I?m Pretty Good At Half-Gainers, Can I Take A Running Jump Into the Pool Head First?
Please know that there is absolutely no diving allowed. There is also no running allowed in the pool area. We want you to be safe and not only enjoy the pool area for this summer, but for many more summers to come! Please help your little ones understand these important rules as well.

Didn?t Your Mom Ever Tell You Not to Eat and Then Swim?
Moms are the best (even if their sage advice may not always be true), so please know that food and drink are allowed only on the grassy areas of the pool complex. Mom also taught you to clean up after yourself, so please be courteous to others and clean up your mess. Also, it is important to remember that glass, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and smoking are prohibited in the pool or in the pool area.

Where Am I Supposed to Sit?
There is no pool furniture at this time. Hey, we?re working on it! Besides, what better way to take you back to your childhood than spreading a towel out on the warm concrete and laying on it? In the interim, residents are welcome to bring chairs and shade canopies at this time. However, please refrain from using ground stakes to secure your canopy.

What Is the Appropriate Swim Attire for My Toddler?
While we are no fashion experts, ALL children (age three and under) or anyone who is not in full control of their bowels is REQUIRED to wear a swimming diaper AND a plastic swimming cover underneath their swimming suit. No exceptions! Diapers can only be changed in the restrooms.

Uh-Oh! There Has Been An Incident Involving Fecal Matter What Do I Do Besides Scream EWW and Runaway????
ALL swimmers must exit the pool immediately!! According to law, the pool will then be closed for the minimum timeframe allowed for the pool to be chemically treated. There is a ?Stool Station? located on the pool house near the bathrooms just south of the pool. If the stool is solid, use the skimmer net to remove the stool and put in a small trash bag. Pour a gallon of bleach directly on the spot where the stool was and on the skimmer net. Then report this incident to Utah Pools (number posted on the Pool House). The pool MUST remain closed for at least thirty minutes following such an incident. If the stool is loose (i.e. diarrhea), contact Utah Pools (number posted on the Pool House) for chemical balancing. In this instance, the pool MUST remain clear and closed for at least twenty-four hours. REMEMBER, if you, your family members, or your guests have had diarrhea in the last fourteen days, DO NOT USE THE POOL!!

I Just Worked Out; Can I Take A Dip In the Pool to Cool Off?
Gym rat or couch potato, ALL residents are required to take a ?cleansing shower? before entering the pool. Scrub behind the ears, use soap and water, and thoroughly clean yourself off before entering the pool. This is not our communal bathhouse!

The Lightning Strikes and the Thunder Rolls, What Do I Do?
Get out of the pool immediately! Residents are then required to remain out of the pool for at least thirty minutes after the thunder and lighting have ceased.

Can I Bust Out My New Kayak In the Pool?
Nope. Sorry. In fact, large pool toys, large floating devices, and scuba tanks are not permitted in the pool or spa area. Also, please refrain from throwing hard objects that may hurt others as well.

Am I Being Watched?
Yes! Well, not really, but you are on camera and that film can be reviewed by the HOA should the need arise. So obey the rules, respect others, and enjoy this great amenity to our neighborhood! If you notice anything that needs the attention of Utah Pools or the HOA Board, please use the numbers provided on the north wall of the Pool House.

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