The following rules and regulations have been drafted to address the use of the clubhouse by residents and their guests. The intent of these rules is to allow residents and their guests to utilize the clubhouse while still preserving each resident in the community's right of the quiet enjoyment of his or her home. It is the hope of the HOA board members that each resident will adhere to these rules and regulations thereby preserving the accessibility of the clubhouse for all residents in a relaxed casual environment.

Reservations should be requested online at Request does not guarantee reservation of the clubhouse. Confirmation will be given once approved.

Gym Rules

  • Clubhouse access is allowed 24 hours a day on weekdays and weekends.
  • Owners are financially responsible for any damage to exercise equipment, furniture, appliances, walls, etc. by themselves, their tenants, and/or their guests .
  • Residents should report any damage noted and/or non-functioning appliances to an HOA Board member or Clubhouse Committee member promptly.
  • Each resident shall be issued one (1) key fob to the clubhouse and may not duplicate or provide it to their guests or other non-residents. If you lose your key, a replacement key will be available for a $25 fee.
  • The HOA board may revoke access to the clubhouse for account delinquency and/or misuse of clubhouse.
  • Residents must adhere to the posted occupancy limits of the clubhouse: as established by applicable law.
  • Residents under 18 years of age are restricted from using the clubhouse unless accompanied by a responsible adult that is at least 21 years of age or older.
  • Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse.
  • All persons using the clubhouse shall be properly clothed. Bare feet are not permitted in the clubhouse.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse.
  • Noise, radios, amplified music, etc. must be kept at a moderate level so as not to disturb residents who live adjacent to the clubhouse.
  • Furniture, equipment, and appliances cannot be moved from the clubhouse or placed outside.
  • If the clubhouse has been reserved for a private function it may not be used by other residents (except for the exercise room).
  • Clubhouse equipment must be used for its intended purpose (i.e., exercise on exercise equipment, etc.).
  • Exercise equipment is for residents only, not guests.
  • No children under the age of 14 are permitted in the exercise area.
  • Please wipe down the equipment after use with the provided disinfectant and cloths.
  • Security cameras and time stamp monitoring (from key fobs) will be used to determine the responsible party in any case of theft, vandalism or any other financial liability incurred at the clubhouse. In addition to financial responsibility, offenders may be prosecuted by law.